What do you need?

All the services we provide, ensure that we are able to give you a holistic experience.

We have found that clients who choose to come on board from the moment they have secured their plot, to the moment they have their keys in their hands, experience the most satisfaction and the least migraines from the construction process.

The decision of which services you decide to choose will depend on your project specific needs and budget. Make an informed decision, to ensure that you’re fully aware of the trade off between the decision you are making and the quality and experience of your build.

We advise scheduling a free consultation by phone or in person to discuss your project to hear which services you will be ideal, for your unique needs.

OUR services

Architectural design

We use creative thinking to solve design problems. When you hire a design professional, it means your current space does not suit your current or future need. Not only do we design new spaces, but we restore and conserve old buildings.

Interior Design

Architectural design is the structural and functional aspect of your space, interior design is the character that brings your space to life. When done cohesively, the two can embody the power of emotive design. What do you want to feel when you enter your space? We use design to achieve that emotion.

Landscaping design

Landscape design is the art of transforming outdoor spaces into functional, attractive works of art. We do more than just pick the right plants, we design plans for structures in the built environment such  walkways and water features, as well as the natural environment through conservation efforts. 

Facilities management

For big buildings that need management, we work with other professional consultant to deliver services that ensure functionality, safety and efficiency of buildings and grounds. This includes overall running and maintenance works such as plumbing, heating,air conditioning, elevator maintenance and groundskeeping

Project management

When hired as project managers, we oversee the construction of the project from pre-design to close out. We collaborate with all key stakeholders in a project and take care of all the administrative duties such as scheduling and coordinating meetings, reporting on progress, taking minutes etc. the most important of these being to keep the project within the maximum budget cope.

Clerk of Works

When you hire us to design, our job either ends when we handover construction documents to the contractor or you can hire us for a clerk of works role, where we inspect the quality and workmanship on a construction site to make sure building plans are being followed correctly.

"there is no such thing as cutting corners. you either buy it nice or buy it twice. you decide"

-the streets

Our Process

1. Inception

when you schedule a consultation, we will discuss your project brief,the scope, your budget, the time-frame and any constraints that we need to consider.We will then develop a high level quote that takes into account your project outline as discussed.

2. Design concept

An initial design concept is produced for you to review. this will include the layout and floor plan,the proposed materials to be used and the functional and technical aspects of the design will be laid out. we will then go over the budget and confirm the scope of the project.we don't move ahead without our approval.

3. Design Development

once you approve the design with your requirements and sign- off, we then move to council drawings.However at this stage, we produce all floor plans, sections, elevations, roof plans, boundary wall,electricity layout, 3D representations and multiple external views.

4. council drawings

this is the technical stage where we finalise all drawings and coordinate with all other consultants on technical documentation with specification of works to be submitted to council.kindly note that it is your responsibility to submit drawings andpay related fees.

5. Construction

we hand over construction drawings to the contractor and if you have elected to use us as your clerk of works, we then do site visits to inspect works and ensure that the construction is in line with the approved drawings. we do all contruction administration and assist you to obtain the occupation certification.

6. Close out

We make sure all documentation necessary to successfully complete hand over of the project, is in place.Once the contractors obligations have been fulfilled, We issue completion certificate and provide you with as-built drawings which are required if contractor deviated from original design

A successful build is one where you and your designer are in sync about your vision.

We listen and get to know you  first. Your goals, your preferences, your desires inform our every decision. We then translate that into design. Relationships are important to us. If you are going to spend 3 months with an architect designing your dream home, wouldnt you want to get to know them first? 

What one of our clients said:


I highly recommend Ronnie Douma of Doumarchitects. We have worked with him on several architecture projects for our company, the biggest being a vehicle repair workshop worth P12 million and the smallest being a private residential home.

I will continue to use Ronnie because he is professional, very good with communication, organised, reliable and goes the extra mile to deliver a good service. I am willing to give feedback personally, do not hesitate to contact me.


Managing Director||Optimum Panelbeaters

Dejan Lukovic

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

If you are looking to invest in maximizing the future value of your home, and you need the services  of a professional designer, who will take the time to understand your needs,  look no further. We are available to  discuss your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three pricing frameworks. The first is a percentage based on the total building cost. The second is an hourly rate. The last is a flat fee. we have a comprehensive guide that explains this in detail. Read more about how architects determine their fees here.

We have a list of contractors and suppliers that we have worked with and can recommend their services on various projects

 You can expect support, tranparency, frequent communication and clarity. We try to make you feel like you are as much a part of the design team as possible, so that you don’t have more questions than answers. We are always available when working with you, to iron out any queries.  

Custom design can be pricey, but its not the only option. If you have limited resources, we offer standard plans we’ve pre-designed that function as a template for generic houses. We then charge per hour to make minor tweaks to the design to fit your plot and submit to council for approval and you can build in half the time.

Payment for big projects is usually made in stages. When a stage is completed in the design process, a percentage of the total amount is due before we can move onto the next stage. A deposit will secure your project and ensure we get started asap

We are registred with Architect Regulatory Council and a member of Architects Association of Botswana as well as South African Council of Architecture professionals.You can find our practice on the websites of the respective associations for comfort. 

Yes. We are insured to the value of P1 million. This is a legal requirement. Any architect you work with should be able to provide proof of their indemnity.

Once the design is complete and you are unable to proceed with construction of the project, you are welcome to keep the council approved designs until you are in the right position to build. You can then return to engage with us to continue on the project as projects managers etc, where we will gladly assist.However, bear in mind that building permits have an expiry date, so ideally you should build before your permit expires

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